About Us

Our two brands, Gelato VINTO & Si. Si ! Gelato have the most delectable
Italian ice cream/frozen dessert in India. We have an array of a melt in your
mouth products that have a lower fat level than commercial, industrial ice
cream while still maintaining a rich creamy texture and intense flavor. Our
gelato is 96% fat free and since it made with real, natural ingredients, it has
all the minerals and vitamins of the fresh fruits, nuts and condiments used.
As it is made daily, we assure that it is always fresh unlike industrial ice cream,
which is manufactured and stored indefinitely.

Gelato should never be confused with gelatin as the latter is an ingredient.
Our gelato is NOT made with gelatin. It is a 100% vegetarian product.
‘Gelato’, comes from the word ‘gelare’ which means ‘to freeze’ in Italian,
therefore, ‘gelato’ is synonymous with frozen.

We use the best local produce like the top quality alphonso mangoes
specially sourced from the orchards of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, choicest
strawberries hand- picked from the foothills of the Himalayas, imported
ingredients like hazelnuts from the slopes of Italian Alps, forest berries and
cherries to make an authentic, artisanal, healthy product that is all natural
and without any preservatives, colour or essence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an actual feel of gelato as experienced in Italy.
Our vision is to produce superior quality gelato fresh daily here in New
Delhi and to offer you the romantic experience of an extremely authentic,
smooth and creamy range of gelato.